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   * Zhongshi Zhang ([[zhongshi.zhang@uni.no]]):​ main contact, LM, Plio   * Zhongshi Zhang ([[zhongshi.zhang@uni.no]]):​ main contact, LM, Plio
   * Kerim Nisancioglu([[Kerim@uib.no]]):​ 6k, 21k, LI   * Kerim Nisancioglu([[Kerim@uib.no]]):​ 6k, 21k, LI
-  * Chuncheng Guo([[Chuncheng.Guo@uib.no]]): 6k, 21k, LI+  * Chuncheng Guo([[chgu@norceresearch.no]]): 6k, 21k, LI
 === Model_1 information === === Model_1 information ===