PMIP4 and the CMIP6 Data Request

The CMIP6 data request for PMIP is a document that allows PMIP participants to specify which variables they are interested in, at which frequency, and for which scientific purpose. This documents specifies which variable type/frequency will be generated for each PMIP experiment, as well as the length of the experiments. It also specifies which experiments from other endorsed MIPs will be used by PMIP participants. See the actual spreadsheet below for more details

The variables requested for PMIP come from several sources (see the Documents section below for details)

  • The PMIP 2 variables
  • The CMIP5 variables
  • Variables from other CMIP5-related MIPs (C4MIP, CORDEX, …)
  • New isotope related variables suggested by Didier Roche
  • Variables suggested by Yves Balkanski for dust

The actual data request is composed of 2 Excel spreadheets:

Please note that the full CMIP6 Data Request is still a work in progress! It is a combination of what has been requested by PMIP4 and by all the other endorsed projects

Current version (as of October 10th 2018): 01.00.27

Make sure you check the CMIP6 Data Request web site to access the latest information available !

Data Request (DR) web site:

  • Spreadsheet view of the variable definitions: a big spreadsheet (slightly similar to the CMIP5 standard output document).
    You get all the variables at all the frequencies, requested by all the projects, grouped by (CMOR) tables. A table lists the variables requested for a given realm (atmosphere, ocean, …) at a given frequency (daily, monthly, …). You get at the end of each line the projects that have requested the given variable in the current table.
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