Coordinators: Sandy P. Harrison, Patrick (Bart) Bartlein, Michel Crucifix, Andre Paul, Allegra N. LeGrande

This working group was created by merging three PMIP3 WG:

The purpose of the PMIP-DATA working group is to facilitate, support and coordinate model evaluation and benchmarking using palaeoenvironmental observations. The working group will promote:

  • data synthesis in both the terrestrial and marine realms
  • the development of tools and new approaches for data analysis and data-model comparison
  • the role of data assimilation in improving our understanding of past climate
  • the exploration of new uses palaeoenvironmental data to address global change issues

The working group will also be responsible for coordinating model evaluation and benchmarking exercises within CMIP6/PMIP4.

  1. Coordination of data methodology discussions (ongoing)
  2. Organisation of joint workshop with the PAGES LandCover6k working group on sensitivity experiments to exploit new land cover land use data sets for the Holocene (25-27th September 2018, Sitges Spain). If you are interested in this attending this meeting, please contact Sandy P. Harrison
  3. Sponsorship of the 3rd SISAL Workshop (8-12th October 2018, Agadir, Morocco). This workshop will focus on analyses using the first version of the SISAL speleothem database. If you are interested in knowing more about this meeting, please contact Sandy P. Harrison
  4. Publication of a PMIP-DATA special issue on key methodological issues in palaeodata (December 2018)
  5. Development of approaches for benchmarking transient simulations
  6. Outreach to the terrestrial ecology community about the use of PMIP simulations to address global change and biodiversity issues (with the aim of coordinating a session of this topic at EGU 2019)
  7. Outreach to the wider modelling community about the use of palaeodata to quantify feedbacks in the Earth System (with the aim of convening a workshop on this topic in 2018/2019)
  8. Ensuring there is input from a palaeodata perspective to IPCC WG2
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