PMIP4 Papers

There are many researchers involved with PMIP4, so we expect that there will be many papers associated with it. There is no desire for PMIP to restrict or proscribe the manuscripts that researchers work upon. However there is clearly a role for some synthesis across various PMIP4 which may need a bit of coordination and support. Functionally we see that there is a pyramid of research activities with 3 different tiers of synthesis and coordination needed.

  1. The lowest tier is individual authors or modelling research groups writing manuscripts focussing specifically on what interests them within particular model runs. Involvement from the wider PMIP4 community will probably only slow down the creation these mansucripts
  2. The second tier consists of papers that look at aspects of climate across multiple models within a specific time period. The initial papers in this category are likely coordinated by the relevant working group - to ensure both that the whole community is invovled and that the paper is completed fairly quickly.
  3. The third tier is research that looks at multiple models across multiple time periods. The first one or two manuscripts at this level will be coordinated to provide an initial synthesis of PMIP4. Once all the data is uploaded onto the ESGF, we hope that further research teams self-organise around interesting topics. The PMIP4 leadership can assist with this, if the authors request help.

Note for proper assessment in IPCC AR6 papers should be submitted by September 2019, and certainly no later than the end of December 2019 to allow for citation in IPCC AR6.

Experiment(s) Subject Contact Working Group Notes
lig127k & midHolocene Interglacial warmth Bette Otto-Bleisner QUIGS meeting in July to write
midPliocene-eoi400 Large-scale features Alan Haywood (Leeds) PlioMIP 1st from PlioMIP2 plans
midPliocene-eoi400 Vegetation/climate interactions Qiong Zhang (Stockholm) PlioMIP 2nd from PlioMIP2 plans
lgm Global patterns and Benchmarking Sandy Harrison & Masa Kageyama Data using doi.org/10.17864/1947.197
midHolocene benchmarking Chris Brierley (UCL) & Sandy Harrison Data
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