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 ===== Upcoming meetings ===== ===== Upcoming meetings =====
-==== CMIP6/PMIP4 workshop ​at UCL (London13-17th May 2019) ==== +==== Workshop ​at University College ​London ​(13-17th May 2019) ==== 
 +This will be a small [[wg:​ptof:​UCLworkshop|workshop]] organised by this PMIP4 working group, which we've imaginatively decided to also call "​Past2Future:​ insights from a constantly varying past". It will be focused on analysing the PMIP4/CMIP6 simulations and providing some preliminary multi-model,​ multi-period results on IPCC timescales. It will Hosted in London with Chris Brierley as the local organiser. See the [[wg:​ptof:​UCLworkshop|workshop webpage]] for more details.
 ===== Past meetings (PMIP3 Past2Future) ===== ===== Past meetings (PMIP3 Past2Future) =====