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Institution Angle Expertise
Ayako Abe-Ouchi Tokyo, Japan Models Ice-sheets MIROC-ESM
Soon-Il An Yonsei, Korea Models ENSO Theory
David Anderson NOAA, USA Data Last Millennium
James Annan Blue Skies Research, UK Intermediate past2future inference
André Berger Louvain, Belgium Models Orbital Forcing
Pascale Braconnot LSCE, France Models ENSO Intercomparisons
Simon Brewer Utah, USA Data Pollen Syntheses
Chris Brierley UCLondon, England Models ENSO Pliocene
Michela Biasutti Lamont-Doherty, USA Models Climate sensitivity
Tony Broccoli Rutgers, USA Models Dynamics, Extremes
Anders Carlson Oregon, USA Data Ice-sheets
Brian Chase Montpelier, France Data Terrestrial S. Africa
Jessica Conroy Illinois, USA Data Pacific Isotopes
Thierry Correge Bordeaux, France Data ENSO Corals
Colin Courtney-Mustaphi York, England Data Charcoal E. Africa
Basil Davis Lausanne, Switzerland Data Pollen Eurasia
Pedro DiNezio Hawaii, USA Models Indo-Pacific Circulation
Robin Driscoll Edinburgh, Scotland Data Clams ENSO
Mary Elliot Edinburgh, Scotland Data Clams ENSO
Julien Emile-Geay Los Angeles, USA Intermediate Variability, assimilation
Sandy Harrison Reading, UK & Macquarie, Australia Data Pollen Syntheses
Pandora Hope Bureau of Meteorology, Australia Models ENSO behaviour
Philip Hopley Birkbeck, England Data Speleothem S.Africa
Matthew Jones Nottingham, England Data Lake systems
Johann Jungclaus Hamburg, Germany Models Last Millennia
Christina Karamperidou Hawaii, USA Models ENSO Structure
Deborah Khider UC Santa Barbara, USA Data Tropical Oceans
Alexander Kislov Moscow State Univ., Russia Intermediate Lake Levels
Uta Krebs-Kanzow Kiel, Germany Models Tropical Oceans
Thomas Laepple AWI Potsdam, Germany Intermediate Variability Uncertainty
Fabrice Lambert Santiago, Chile Intermediate Time-series Stationarity
Julie Leloup LOCEAN, France Models ENSO Statistics
Shaun Lovejoy McGill, Canada Intermediate Variability Spectra
Valerie Masson-Delmotte LSCE, France Data Ice-core Millennial
Jud Partin U.T. Austin, USA Data Speleothem ENSO
Steven Phipps New South Wales, Australia Models Southern Hemisphere
Frank Peeters VU Amsterdam, Netherlands Data Foram Sensitivity
Kira Rehfeld AWI Potsdam, Germany Intermediate Variability Correlations
James Renwick Victoria, New Zealand Intermediate Dynamical Analysis
William Roberts Bristol, England Models ENSO Controls
Marion Saint-Lu LSCE, France Models SPCZ Behaviour
Andreas Schmittner Oregon State, USA Models Ocean Biogeochemistry
Didier Swingedouw Bordeaux, France Models Thermohaline Circulation
Kaustubh Thirumalai U.T. Austin, USA Intermediate Individual Forams
Bruno Turcq LOCEAN, France Data ENSO Teleconnections
Paul Valdes Bristol, England Models Orbital Response
Xu Xu Kiel, Germany Models Ocean Biogeochemistry
Zhongshi Zhang Bergen, Norway Models Pliocene Oceans
Michel Crucifix Louvain, Belgium Models Statistical emulation
Michael Erb Now Los Angeles ? Models Data assimilation
J. Fidel González Rouco ? ? ?
Hugues Goosse Louvain, Belgium Models Data assimilation
Simon Goring Wisconsin, USA ? ?
Lauren Gregoire Leeds, UK Models Ice-sheets, Deglaciation
Julia Hargreaves Blue Skies Research, UK Models Climate Sensitivity
Gabi Hegerl Edinburgh, UK Models Last Millennium
Kenji Izumi Paris, France ? ?
Charles Jackson Texas, USA Models Model uncertainty
Jasmin John ? ? ?
Masa Kageyama Paris, France Models Glacial climates
David Lea Santa Barbara, USA Data Palaeoceanography
Allegra N. LeGrande NASA GISS, USA Models Isotopes
Gerrit Lohmann Bremen, Germany Models Oceanography
Dan Lunt Bristol, UK Models Earth system sensitivity
Robert Marchant York, UK ? ?
Valérie Masson-Delmotte Paris, France Data Ice cores
Thorsten Mauritsen Now Stockholm, Sweden Models Climate Sensitiivity
Katrin Meissner Sydney, Ausrtralia ? ?
Kerim Nisancioglu Bergen, Norway Models ?
Kevin Oliver Southampton, UK ? ?
Andre Paul Bremen, Germany Models isotopes, biogeochemistry
Jean-Yves Peterschmitt Paris, France Models Data distribution
Camille Risi Paris, France Models Isotopes
Maisa Rojas Santiago, Chile Models South America
Gavin Schmidt NASA GISS, USA Models past2future
Andreas Schmittner Oregon, USA Models ?
Birgit Schneider Kiel, Germany ? ?
Andrew Schurer Edinburgh, UK Models Last Millennium
Steven Sherwood Sydney, Australia Models Climate Sensitivity
Louise Sime Cambridge, UK Models Ice-sheets
Arjen Stroeven Stockholm, Sweden ? ?
Aradna Tripati Los Angeles, USA Data Tropical geochemistry
Roderik van de Wal Utrecht, Netherlands ? ?
Eric Wolff Cambridge, UK Data ice cores
Qiuzhen Yin Louvain, Belgium Models Orbital Forcing
Masa Yoshimori Tokyo, Japan ?

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