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Focus of the P2F Working group

The P2F challenge

To use paleoclimate information to improve predictions of climate change

Strategy - methodology

  1. Identify and document quantitative relationships between past and future runs and check consistency with available observations.
  2. Identify and implement suitable methodologies to use the information to explore quantitative constraints on future climate change.
  3. Identify whether underlying mechanisms between past and future changes are the same.

Code for methodologies should be fully published to enable participation of others


  1. Estimating future climate by exploring information from multiple PMIP intervals.
  2. Exploring divergent estimates of climate sensitivity - towards reconciliation.
  3. Predicting regional climate change - beyond climate sensitivity

Other things

Considerable interaction with the rest of PMIP will be required.

  • Model and data from all intervals needs to be publicly available.
  • P2F analyses focus on quantitative methodologies so will require input from process based experts
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