PMIP4-CMIP6 ice-sheet data

You will find on this page some of the boundary condition data that you have to use for

Please make sure to read the HOWTO section in order to use the data correctly!

Get in touch with the following people if you have questions:

Masa Kageyama LGM
Ruza Ivanovic Last Deglaciation
Didier Roche LGM, Last Deglaciation
Laurie Menviel Penultimate Deglaciation
Emilie Capron Penultimate Deglaciation
Jean-Yves Peterschmitt Technical questions
  • Choose the type of boundary condition you want to use. Look at the available data below, and at the ice-sheet gallery page.
    • Do not forget to document what you have chosen!
  • Read the appropriate paper(s) in the References above
  • After processing the boundary condition data, send a copy the BC data as seen by your model to Jean-Yves Peterschmitt: netCDF file and plot

The input data for the boundary conditions is available in netCDF files provided by Dick Peltier and Lev Tarasov. You will find below some technical details about the data, and the related publications to cite

The data files may change a bit (rename or standardize the data, etc…) and you will find the change list below

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