PMIP Web-based INteractive Global Seminars

  • You will receive a link to attend the next seminar in a mail sent to the pmip-announce mailing list
    • …and we will send a reminder a few hours before the seminar starts
  • Please contact us to volunteer (or to volunteer someone else!) to give a seminar
  • Send a mail to if you are not a member of the pmip-announce list yet, and you want to receive PMIP related information


Date: Thursday 23rd February, 4pm UTC

Speakers: Titles to be forthcoming…

  • Charlie Williams
  • Ran Feng

Catch up with the past by clicking on links below to access the recorded seminars

All the recorded seminars will be available on YouTube PMIP WINGS playlist (

  • Speakers:
    • Martin Renoult, Stockholm University
      Paleoclimate perspective on Earth’s climate sensitivity
    • Alan Seltzer, Woods Hole
      Terrestrial amplification of past, present, and future climate change

If you got here by chance, or have forgotten what PMIP is about, visit the What is PMIP now? page on the main PMIP website

  • The PMIP Web-based INteractive Global Seminars is an online seminar series about PMIP related subjects (science results, plans, work in progress, proposals for things that PMIP could do, anything that may be of interest to the members of PMIP)
  • Frequency: the seminars will take place on Zoom, approximately once a month, on the last Thursday of the month
  • Time: the seminars will be recorded and the actual time of the meeting will vary so that everyone will have the chance to attend some of them live
  • Content: two 20 minutes presentations plus discussion, finished within an hour
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